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Eleni srl was founded in 2004 with the brand name Eleni Decor and has become one of the leading italian companies which produce custom-made facade decorative elements. Our company has always been distinguished for its continuous research of innovative materials for its products and for its custom solutions, just like a facade decor “atelier”.

Eleni Lighting
The evolution of the lighting industry and its integration into interior and exterior architecture let us develop some projects and products which mix the “core” products of our company, the decorative cornices, with indirect led lighting integration. Eventually, a new Eleni brand was born, Eleni Lighting, in order to sattisfy the new trends of interior and exterior design lighting.

The twilight is a thread which sews up the clearness of the day with the mistery of the night. It’s the light which awakens the morning, the intro before the show of the stars in the evening. We are inspired by twilight, the most thrilling light of nature.



A light with unlimited possibilities of expression into spaces and architecture.

A light which instills a simple contemporary profound elegance,

to create intense welcoming atmosphere.

The lighting for your specific bright mood.


Materials: Interior: XPS, PU, EPS

Characteristics: Lightweight, easy to install on traditional walls,

EIFS or recessed in plasterboard.

May be finished with any type of paint.

We can help you to make your ambients unique



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